About that Next Thing...

What if you did it?

WHAT IF YOU DID have the support you've always wanted?
WHAT IF YOU DID have the the team you need to get it done?
WHAT IF YOU DID everything you've imagined doing?

Brand development with K. Sauer

It's easy to think that "forward" means you have to do it all.

But it hasn't ever been about the hustle, or just getting things done. You're IN IT for the sheer love of being IN IT -- the highs and the lows, the adventure and the memories, the laughter -- and even the tears.

You haven't got here because anybody said you should be here. You're not here because you think you HAVE to be here. You're here because you just. couldn't. resist.

AND you don't have to do it all.

I know you Breathe fire

You're already doing exactly what you want to do—

but you know there's more.


You have so many ideas you want to get growing on, but you're at the center of all the ideas you've already brought to life.  You're ready to be the visionary again—instead of the linchpin.


Your creative energy has built what you already have, but you know you need new support for the next phase: content management, identity development, even a brand guide to streamline your brand presence in your world.


You're done with doing it all by yourself, but you need to identify what roles you need to fill, who to hire, and how to train someone to do what you do the way you do it. It's time to figure out what YOUR team looks like.


You're exploring strategies for sustainable expansion -- the kind of expansion that supports a business that sustains you and a you that sustains your business. This isn't going to look like what everybody else is doing.

"I never imagined having someone like you on our team."

— Gypsy West,  The Lovers Co.

Maybe you're looking for backup on

Brand Management

Visual Curation

Copy + Editing

Website Implementation

Content Generation

THIS is how WE do all that

I partner with super humans who do it all

so you can do even more.

• Support the HUMAN behind your business
• Feed the PASSION that  already flows through everything
• Safeguard your LONG-TERM VISION
• Identify where you have CAPACITY for the growth you want
• Create STRATEGIES that work for YOU.

HOLD SPACE for a co-creative and dynamic relationship built on mutual trust, respect, and shared love of YOUR VISION.

I pay attention. I learn to see what you see. And then I translate & systematize it to ease your growth at every level.

IF you're exploring



Energy Development

Identity Definition

Systems Analysis

"WOW...we love your creative brief and so so grateful for your input. We can't wait [until] tomorrow - this is going to be fun!"

The Lovers Co. was done playing small

Katrina needed someone who "GOT Her"

"It is so hard to put into words how incredible Kellē is. We connected as soon as we spoke, and I couldn’t wait to work with her."

Here's the Big one

The Brand-Build Partnership

My 1:1 support option for creative entrepreneurs who are done apologizing -- not only for taking up space, but also for the space they're creating. YOU GET TO BREATHE YOUR FIRE, bring your pure vision to life (no more caveats!!!), and love what you do without the limits.

The details

Here's What We Can Do Together

Phase One

Identity development

In this first phase, I get to know your business (you + your clients) and your brand (how you've expressed your business to your clients).

We'll dig into your brand DNA (your deep why), and look at how that has—or has not—informed your brand direction. We will also develop (or identify) an authentic language and personality for your business so that your people both inside and outside your community will deeply understand and connect with your offers, your impact, and your passion.


Offerings analysis

In this phase, we will brainstorm HOW you're doing what you love doing, how you want to grow, and whether your current approach is a good fit for you and your people.

Our goal during this phase is to stretch and build a blueprint for your brand + offerings that keeps you in sync with your passion and provides room for recovery EVEN AS you run out the door to do more of what you love. We will also develop an offering overview and a clear web presence for easier selling and authentic connection.

Phase Three

Brand expression

In this phase, we review and revise the way your brand is expressed in the world. This includes copywriting, editing social media bios, website integration, aesthetic rebranding, BTS worksheets, design strategies, and more.

This can also include a brand shoot and/or website implementation so you can come out of this experience not only doing what you love, but loving how you're talking about it too. THE GOAL: for every level of your brand and business (from the rest days you take to the full-on engagement and multiple offerings) will FEEL LIKE YOU AND MEET YOUR ORIGINAL VISION FOR IT.


Systems strategy

This phase extends beyond initial brand development and allows us to strategize and expand the systems you will need as you grow.

We'll test-drive new processes, create training for your team members, and establish your brand/business in its own unique-to-you industry. This is where we will leave "comparative branding" aside and really own the idea that got you started in the first place—without the sink-or-swim pressure that makes you think twice about your growth.

A creative partnership can change everything.

I mean... Co-creating with me will get you...


Taking ownership of your true executive role in your company -- and let your team take care of the grunt work that has been distracting you from your high-level vision and long-term goals.


Owning a brand identity that elevates your business to the next level -- instead of spending all your time explaining to potential clients what you actually do.


Understanding exactly how weaknesses are the strengths your business needs -- and closing the gaps between where you are and where you really want to be.


Connecting so powerfully with your people you will open a deeper level of trust in their company -- and experience a whole new range of freedom around whatever you want to create next.


Grounding your vision and creative energy to make room for new ideas, bigger offers, and greater impact -- all putting you on a clear path to the long term vision that got you started in the first place.

How it Works

no. 01

Connect with Kellē

We'll start a conversation about YOUR business, YOUR current goals, and YOUR long-term vision. This can happen in DMs, over email, or even on a phone or Zoom call. We'll strategize a partnership plan, and I'll send you a proposal to review.

no. 02

Book your Partnership

 Once I have your payment, you'll receive an initial questionnaire and your custom client page. I'll collect your brand information and we'll schedule time for a deep dive into your project/business/brand identity.

no. 03

Show up 

With this process, you get co-creation or no-creation. I schedule calls for strategy, vision-planning, and goal-setting, as well as provide you with a custom client page to track our action steps throughout our partnership. The more you show up, the more you will gain from our partnership.

12 MONTH CREATIVE partnership - Only one available

The Render - $21,000

12 months of focused brand support

FOCUS: Phases I-4
INCLUDES: Monthly or quarterly strategy/co-working calls, Voxer support, identity deep dive, offer + systems analysis, content support (photo curation/creation, copy, website integration, social media planning/strategy), creative direction, organic marketing development, brand guide, systems integration + test-drives, team recommendations, launch support, and more.

Choose Your Partnership

Brand DEVELOPMENT support - ONLY two Available

The Blueprint - $10,500

6 months of focused brand development 

FOCUS: Phases I-3
INCLUDES: Bi-weekly strategy + co-working calls, Voxer support/check-ins, identity deep dive, offer + systems analysis, content support (photo curation/creation, copy, website integration, social media planning/strategy), creative direction, organic marketing development, and a "brand guide"

Identity INTENSIVES - Only two Available per month

The Vision Build - $1,750

2 weeks of vision-casting for your brand

FOCUS: Phase I
INCLUDES: 3-hour strategy call, 2 weeks of Voxer conversation, bts identity + offerings analysis, brand theming for copy, curation guide, custom visual inspiration (mood board), and a custom action plan for building your vision forward. 

The vision build

PAY IN FULL - $1,750

two payments of $875

3 Monthly payments of $585

Yes, I want this

The Blueprint

Pay in full - $10,500

2 payments of $5,250

6 monthly payments of $1,750

I'm HERE for it

payment plans that work for you:

the Render

pay in full - $21,000

2 payments of $10,500

12 monthly payments of $1,750

this spot is mine!

only 4 spots available

only 2 spots available

only 1 spot available

Additional Offers

The Photographer Mentorships

"Finding myself, finding my voice, has never been this easy..."

These limited mentorship spots are all about the love story between you, your people, and your art. We'll dig into your portfolio and your inspiration, close the gap between the work you're doing now and the work you've always wanted to do, and begin curating your opportunities so that you're not just wasting your passion on "filler shoots" while you're waiting for the dream that will get you into Vogue. You picked up your camera for the sheer love of it all -- let's reconnect you to your art.


STarting at $875 |  Learn more at kellesauer.com



Starting at $6500 | inquire directly for AVAILABILiTY

The Custom Copy Container

"I really could not have finished Aura to such a high standard without you!" 

This 8-week container (with 1 month of follow-up copy support) is meant for building copy around what you offer and why you offer it, answer questions about how you want your brand to stand out, and articulate what you do and who you do it for so that your dream clients will know exactly who you are, what your business is about, and what they’re going to get out of working with you.

(THE GOAL: for you to not only get back to doing what you love, but loving how you're talking about it too.)

R.J. Wade, Author

love your look again!

BONUS: FREE content curation

Book any offer and get an immediate IG review 

If your whole IG stream is like nails on a chalkboard to you right now, this bonus is for you. Within 72 hours of booking, I'll review your IG stream and send you a list of easy action steps for a quick brand edit, on-brand content ideas, and visual edit recommendations to refresh your grid. Consider it a FREE jump-start to your whole transformation.

you felt like you could fly?

this is the reason I'm here

When was the last time

During our partnership, you'll get to...

You will no longer have to worry about how "industry words" are working for you -- you will know that what you say is landing with your people (and if it isn’t landing, they aren’t your people!).

Say what you mean

You won't have to us irrelevant, industry-constructed templates or systems as “filler" to keep your brand and client connections "limping along."

Be your own original

You AND your clients will be able to let your brand grow beyond what you’ve already built into something you've been aiming at since you started -- without drama or hustle.

See REAL growth

You’ll start to see the same people (or types of people!) over and over, and you'll connect better with them than ever before.

Meet more dream clients

Your whole brand identity is an ongoing conversation between you and your dream clients, and neither of you deserves to be spoon-fed a choice about who you are or what you’ll do. 

Lead the conversation

You'll go from spinning all the plates to a CEO who not only sets the vision for your company, your team, and your brand, but who also gets to let others take the reins and keep moving your thing forward.

Feel more like yourself

“We told Kellē we were building an empire...”

And now we have an elevated brand that will get us there. We went from having to explain what we did to everyone to booking dream clients in the international markets we wanted to grow into.

— The Lovers co.



"I feel like you have helped me find my voice again, literally and figuratively.."

I have loved every minute working with you over this past year and look forward to working with you again this year!

— Pamela Farrell, the Brand edit



"You are worth the wait ten times over!"

I can’t ever imagine working with anyone else on my stories —seriously you’re like the other half of my brain!

— R.J. wade, Author



More about kellē

I turn marketing into love letters, flirt with creativity, & free up passion for humans who just. can't. get. enough.

I've been a creative entrepreneur for most of my life, and never even realized I was branding everything as I went, because it all felt as natural as falling in love at first sight. I'm obsessed with YOU BEING YOU and ME BEING ME and really over EVERYBODY DOING THE SAME THING. (If you feel this way too, we definitely need to work together.)

I've made you something here that I always wanted.

I have a business coach who tells me that *I* am my business's first client, but to be honest, I haven't always believed that. I didn't pay myself, made my clients more important than my health, and didn't ask for support -- when it was probably the only thing I needed to push my brand and business to the next level.

I know what it's like to DO IT ALL, and I know what it's like to not have to do it alone. Just having someone alongside my business made all the difference.

The partnership I am offering is the only one of its kind.

This is 1:1 co-creation with Ground-level support

When you partner with me, you get someone on your team who is as loyal to your vision as you are (and sometimes more so!). I not only learn your voice, your why, your brand DNA, I am also experienced enough to build or rebuild your structure and brand messaging from the ground up.

My goal is to help you create more REAL space for YOU within your brand and business, so that you're not spinning out on grunt work when your clients and vision seem ready to move forward without you. Your pure vision deserves to be in the world -- not in somebody else's system or structure. That's why this offer is aimed at co-creating your own unique approach to... well, EVERYTHING.

I know You could do it all yourself -- but at this level... why would you want to?

My husband jokes that I'm like a "midnight notebook," the one that you grab when you wake up in the middle of the night to scribble down that brilliant idea that just hit you. 

I love catching those ideas, holding them, and looking for just the right moment to trade the "what if?" for the "well, why not?" so you get to lean in and see what might happen if you did...

I am ALL ABOUT finding creative (subversive!) ways to add more of what you already love into the life you're building.

content support & management

sustainable action items

organic, authentic connection


Frequently Asked Questions

How many client openings do you have right now?

I have ONE 12-month opening (to begin in November), TWO 6-month openings (to begin in September), and FOUR Vision Build openings (before the end of 2022).

Can I assign you projects and have you do my busy work for me?

Probably not. I am not a VA. I act as a team member to co-create action steps for both of us that will support your goals, but I won't show up if you don't show up.

Do you provide website copy, brand imagery, or brand content I can use for my brand?

I provide copy at each level of partnership around your brand identity. Web copy + brand content is only available within The Blueprint or The Render, and I provide brand imagery on a case-by-case basis, depending on your needs.

My branding is outdated, but I'm so busy with work, I don't have time to update it. Can you help?

Absolutely. The Blueprint Partnership will give us six months  paced around your workload to refresh your brand from the inside out. We'll even do some back-end work that will have you connecting more closely with your people by month two.

How do we work together? How will we co-create?

I currently combine Zoom or phone calls with Voxer conversations, Google Docs work, and even schedule in-person connection when possible.

Do you work in a specific industry? How do I know you can help me?

I've worked with coaches, designers, creative directors, novelists, lawyers, executives, therapists, photographers, and more, but I help you stand out wherever you are. We won't be comparing your brand to every other brand out there. We'll be creating something that your clients have never seen before. 

What if I have a NEW business? Is this for me?

If you're ready to invest in your business at this level from the very beginning, you're already pulling the limits off what you can do. I would be SO HONORED to help you build your bones.

I need a creative director to keep my business going in the direction I've set for it. Do you do that?

I offer a brand guide (to keep your brand on track) in both The Blueprint and The Render, and I offer creative direction within The Render Partnership as you build your dream team. I'd love to join your team in that capacity during our year together.

When there's another flame in the room,

the light brightens.

You're no longer the only one on fire.

What if THIS is the year you just DID IT? What if you...

Just GO FOR IT because you KNOW your passion and growth is worth the investment?

Got the support you ACTUALLY need to do what you've always wanted to do?

Started saying what you wanted to say instead of what your industry tells you to say, and connected more deeply with YOUR people?

Took that AMAZING idea off the back burner and turned it into a going concern (instead of wishful thinking)?

Really let your business grow the way it's been asking you to grow so you can serve your people better?

Did all this with room for YOU to live in this universe you're creating?

This offer is for you if:

You believe in your business and you're DONE playing small

You want your own brand/identity

you don't want to build your things alone right now

You're looking for a Virtual Assistant

YOU only want copy/content support

It's probably not for you if...

YOU Already feel like you have all the support you need

Are you ready to go for it?

Tell me what you want to do.

There is no laundry list of a la carte items that applies generally to every brand identity. Every business/project presents its own unique needs. I want to know about your long-term vision, the short-term issues you're facing, and what you're envisioning for your brand in the next year. I want to know whatever you want to share. 


The vision build

PAY IN FULL - $1,750

two payments of $875

3 Monthly payments of $585

I want to start here

The Blueprint

Pay in full - $10,500

2 payments of $5,250

6 monthly payments of $1,750

I'm ready for a rebrand

payment plans that work for you:

the Render

pay in full - $21,000

2 payments of $10,500

12 monthly payments of $1,750

Yes this is my dream

only 4 spots available

only 2 spots available

only 1 spot available

You don't HAVE to do it.

But what if you did?

You're not the only one asking this question. I have these conversations with myself all the time. Whatever you choose, I know you're doing exactly what is right for you. And if it's working with me, well, I'm here for that.