I know what the water feels when it flows.

MY WORK is to do the things I can't not do. To turn "marketing" into love letters, to articulate the meaning behind "business things" for creatives, to affirm and encourage passion for humans who just. can't. get. enough.

MY PLAY is language—and not just words. I'm fluent in colors, design, energy, flow, intuition, emotion, and how it all works to create connection, conversation, and real relational communication between people.

I LOVE slow mornings, strong tea (with cream), rose-gold light, you being you, and shoes I don't wear.

I LIVE in a Charleston house in San Francisco's Bay Area, making a life with my attorney husband, Pete, three kids, and a few too many cats (who think they're people too). I keep a daily journal and aspire to bi-coastal living, because I'll probably always be an East Coast girl at heart.

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