It's about you doing what you just. can't. resist.

It's about doing what you just. can't. resist.

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Branding is a love story.

You are defiantly, resolutely, irretrievably YOU.

You are choosing your life, creating your own universe, passing up others’ expectations to do what you love, and surrounding yourself with what inspires you the most.



I'm a multi-passionate  co-creator & brand developer who is very interested in love stories.

I turn marketing into love letters, flirt with creativity, and free up passion for humans who just. can't. get. enough. Language is my love language—and not just words. I'm fluent in colors, design, energy, flow, intuition, emotion, and how it all works to create connection, conversation, and real communication between my clients and their people.

I partner with the ones who are daring to do exactly what they want to do—and who want to breathe some fire as they go.

There is not a template, system or method for falling in love. Passion gives us a million ways to be in the world, and the only nonnegotiable is that we show up as ourselves.

I've spent over 15 years helping people do what they love for people who love them right back—branding, writing, editing, sales, content production, and even behind-the-scenes coaching. As a natural co-creator with some powerful intuition and strategic ADHD on the side, I believe in connecting with my clients' actual needs, and I am GOOD at moving projects from inspiration to reality—even if they disrupt the ruling narrative. 



the magic is for me.

breathe fire

Sometimes "doing you"
seems impossible. It isn't.

"Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing."

— muhammad Ali

WORD PLAY: Identity-based copyediting + proofreading, brand-specific copywriting, social media copy strategy and production, website copy, emails & blog content, sales funnel creation, newsletters, sales pages & submissions content

VISUAL CONTENT: Social media curation & content production, custom stock images, cover photos, website & marketing images, customized headshots, lifestyle branding portraits, behind-the-scenes documentary, product photography

BRAND IDENTITY: Brainstorming, visuals definition, copy development, website & portfolio review, identity & originality, brand message analysis, content review & strategy, connection blueprint, visuals support, ShowIt website installation

BRAND DIRECTION: Brand guide creation, social media strategy, integrative client connection, ongoing copywriting, marketing and sales copy, website maintenance/editing, team structure/management, personal brand backup

This is what it feels like.

There's something about being in love. When your fire is matched by someone else's fire, it feels like anything is possible. You feel seen. Deeply heard. Held. You can say anything, BE anything you want. Desire is the rule, and there are no limits. The walls come down, the ceiling comes off, and your passion comes alive.



it feels like

The details

Each 3-month partnership spends time on each phase. Focus one or combine them all.

INCLUDED: Strategy/co-working calls, Voxer support, identity deep dive, offer + systems analysis, content support (photo curation/creation, copy, website integration, social media planning/strategy), creative direction, organic marketing development, brand guide, systems integration + test-drives, team recommendations, launch support, and more.

Phase ONe. 


Edit, clarify, and strategize your project, content, and brand aiming at loving absolutely everything you share, standing out in your industry, and making unforgettable connections with your people.

Phase Two.


Build an original brand identity around your long-term vision, define (or refine) your unique voice, and make the space in the world that your people are looking for. (NOTE: Includes website template copy + implementation.)

Phase Three.


Create and finalize manuscripts, sales pages, website copy, blog + social media posts, plan and photograph visuals, incorporate your new brand language, draft client emails + templates. (NOTE: Marketing copy only available with Phase 2 or 4.)

Phase four.


POST-DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP. Build a  brand guide for marketing, team members, brand partnerships, etc. and implement your voice across your brand, even as it grows.

“I can stand proud now and talk about our business. It's amazing to be able to have that voice inside me and articulate it.”

— Gypsy West, Co-CEO, The Lovers Co. Elopement Production Company

content support & management

sustainable action items

organic, authentic connection


This is how it Works

no. 01

Connect with Me

We'll start a conversation about YOUR business, YOUR current goals, and YOUR long-term vision. This can happen in DMs, over email, or even on a phone or Zoom call. We'll strategize a personalized partnership plan and create your payment structure.

no. 02

Book your Partnership

Once I have your first payment, you'll receive an initial questionnaire and a custom client page that will help me get to know you and your brand. Then we'll schedule time for a deep dive into your project/business/brand identity.

no. 03

Show up 

In this process, you get co-creation or no-creation. I work best in response to what YOU want to do, so we'll schedule co-working calls and Voxer support to get into exactly where you want to go next. We'll strategize action steps, set goals, and you get backup on those project pieces that you just. don't. love. The more you show up, the more you—and your project—will gain from our partnership.

from The LOVERS:

“We never imagined having someone like you on our team.”

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from The Brand Edit

"I have loved every minute working with you over this past year !"

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There is no laundry list of a la carte items that applies generally to everyone. Every business/project presents its own unique needs. This FREE 45-minute call (value $875) will help us figure out what might be missing from your brand, identify the next steps you want to take, and define the support and content you actually need.


your FREE

Project STRATEGY session


Be your own original. You're not here for anybody else's passion.

We will leave behind irrelevant, industry-constructed templates and systems and “filler" content that will only keep your brand and client connections "limping along"—and set YOUR direction so that your people can passionately engage with the love story you are telling. You'll not only stand out in your industry, you'll be setting your own rules. No more wondering "what everybody else would do." This thing is YOURS, baby.

Focus on what brings YOU joy. Your business gets to be full of it.

Let's take your role in your business from linchpin spinning all the plates to a creative CEO who not only sets the vision for your company, your team, and your brand, but who also gets to let others take the reins and keep moving your passion forward when you want to take a day off. With strategies for organizing your top goals and most important priorities, we'll identify your real desire, pare away the extras, and get you back to feeling like your work is all play.

Experience passionate, non-competitive, concierge-level support.

You're GOOD at doing what needs to be done, but you know you don't always want to do it alone, especially when all those little things keep coming up and getting in the way of doing what you love. I am LITERALLY here to support that, because people who do what they love are my heroes. Your fire is my fire, and there is simply nothing that makes me happier than you getting to DO YOU and love every minute.

“Kellē is a poet. She’s a dancer. She plays with words like notes. She is an artist. And it is my great honor to work with her.”

— LACY YOUNG, Healer/Entrepreneur

love stories

Alice Found her Voice

"It's hard to know who I am; you are just so good at bringing people out of themselves into who they truly are...

BURNOUT TO BRAND REFRESH: Photographer Alice Ahn and I revamped and updated her style from "trendy" to authentic, clarified her voice (both verbal and visual) from what everyone else was saying to what SHE really wanted to say, and reconnected with her dream clients to up-level her luxury brand and give her a new energy for passion she'd had from childhood.

Maishoua grew her Confidence

"You're the best mentor ever. I'm so glad I found you!

GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT DREAM-COME-TRUE: Photographer Maishoua Kim reached out for a custom mentorship in 2022. In our six months together, we curated her portfolio, developed the voice she wanted to bring to her brand, and even met on-location in a hands-on client experience. Her approach to her business now includes more of what she loves (her people), and less of what she feels she has to be doing.

Lacy pivoted her Whole company

"I was taking 12 years' worth of experience, copy, and throwing spaghetti at the wall—and really living on Solopreneur Island.

FROM SALES COPY TO LOVE NOTES: Lacy Young's intuitive coaching business was always about healing people, but she didn't know how to say it. Together, we created a community to hold her many offerings and allow her to live the healing passion she thought she had to set aside.

Becky transformed as an author

"Finishing this book with you was an absolute ball.

FROM START TO POLISH: Author R.J. Wade and I worked from copyediting on her first book, Aura, in 2019, self-publishing her second book, The Spark, in 2022, and finalizing the trilogy with Wildfire (coming soon!). We turned the work of writing into magic and fun on both sides of the Atlantic (and even in the air!) and launched an incredible story into the world. Working with me, Becky went from "I just need to get this done" to creating something she was proud of. 


Use the form below to get in touch or email me directly via with your dream project/partnership idea. Tell me what you love and how you love it. I'm here for it.

Thank you!

“An extra special thank you to the legendary Kellē Sauer: literary wizard, creative genius, and editor extraordinaire.”

— R.J. WADE, Author,  The Aura Jax Trilogy