+ 3 months Identity Development
+ 3 months Offer Development
+ 3 months Website Development
+ 3 months Brand Management
+ 24 Bi-weekly calls
+ Voxer accessibility
+ CREATIVE Copy Services
+ Development Services
+ Brand Render
+ Custom Marketing Strategy
+ Content Strategy & DEVELOPMENT
+ website creation
+ launch support
+ Team Orientation/Education

This strategic 1:1 partnership is designed for the creative woman who is sold on the way SHE wants to do business. It is ideal for an intentional, different-thinking entrepreneur who leads with her intuition, connects with her heart, and wants a brand that reflects her deep purpose at every level--from ethos and identity to message and marketing to customer connection and growth.

This exclusive, identity-oriented container includes:

PHASE I — STRATEGY — Edit, clarify, and strategize your project, content, and brand aiming at loving absolutely everything you share, standing out in your industry, and making unforgettable connections with your people.

PHASE II — DEVELOPMENT — Build an original brand identity around your long-term vision, define (or refine) your unique voice, and make the space in the world that your people are looking for. (NOTE: Includes website template copy + implementation.)

PHASE III — CONTENT — Create and finalize manuscripts, sales pages, website copy, blog + social media posts, plan and photograph visuals, incorporate your new brand language, draft client emails + templates.

PHASE IV — DIRECTION — Build a brand guide for marketing, team members, brand partnerships, etc. and implement your voice across your brand, even as it grows.

Be your own original. You're not here for anybody else's passion.We will leave behind irrelevant, industry-constructed templates and systems and “filler" content and set YOUR direction so that your people can passionately engage with the love story you are telling. You'll not only stand out in your industry, you'll be setting your own rules. No more wondering "what everybody else would do." This thing is YOURS, baby.

Focus on what brings YOU joy. Your business gets to be full of it. We'll take your role from plate-spinning to vision-setting for your brand, and help you  keep your passion moving forward even when you want to take a day off. With strategies for organizing your top goals and most important priorities, we'll identify your real desire, pare away the extras, and get you back to feeling like your work is all play.

Experience passionate, non-competitive, concierge-level support.You're GOOD at doing what needs to be done, but you don't always want to do it alone, especially when all those little things keep coming up and getting in the way of doing what you love. Your fire is my fire, and there is simply nothing that makes me happier than you getting to DO YOU and love every minute.

4 payments of $5,500
12 payments of $1,850

12-month Creative partnership + Brand direction

Branding is a Love Story

A year of 1:1 co-creation, brand direction, and authentic client connection for the woman who is ready to do what she's always wanted to do--her way.  Go ahead. Breathe fire. Love your life for the rest of your life.


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