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Ideal for the entrepreneur who has had enough of sounding Just Like Everyone Else in a Chat-GPT world, The Meet-Cute makes telling people about who you are and what you do feel fun again. Designed specifically to provide you with language you love for about pages, social media bios, and other "tell-us-about-you" needs, this offer makes "hello" feel a lot less awkward.

This introductional, copy-oriented container includes:

PHASE I — INTRODUCTION— Dig into your brand's DNA—who you are, why you do what you do, who you absolutely love to do it with, where you come from and where you're going, and how you want to keep doing it. 

PHASE II — DEVELOPMENT — Describe, draft, and edit language that says what you want to say in a way you love to say it.  We'll tailor a few different versions to fit a few different channels so that you'll have plenty of options to choose from.

PHASE III — IMPLEMENTATION — Finalize your copy for use at your website and social media channels, with a usage guide to make knowing what to say where feel incredibly easy.

Feel more like yourself. We will leave behind irrelevant, inauthentic templates and “filler" content and write original, connective copy about YOU, what you do, and what you love. Your copy will have your authentic energy and passion behind it, polished for your people just the way you would say it. Your people will get to meet you as you, and you'll get to include the pieces other "well-behaved" brands might leave out.

Feel seen. This is such a "go for it" space. You're not here to breathe anyone else's fire. There is room for your ideas, your excitement, and your way of doing things. We'll find (or create) words to say what you feel, share what you've always wanted to share, and communicate with the people who are just waiting to respond to you and what you are bringing to life for them.

Feel more confident. There's nothing like feeling seen as yourself that makes a person feel more confident about... whatever they're going to do. It's like putting on that little black dress (you know the one) and stepping out in your favorite heels, ready for that extra attention you know you're going to get. You get to take this energy and run with it, as far as you want to go.

1 payment of $675


The Meet-Cute

1 week of identity conversation, copywriting, and connection for the woman who is done with invisible. Fall in love with the way you do you.


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