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This creative 1:1 partnership is perfect for the woman knows who she is, what she wants, and who she wants to connect with. Designed to provide original, authentic language and a visual direction that will turn her clients' heads in a template-driven world, First Date is all about standing out and connecting deeply—both in her industry and to her people. 

This limited, identity-oriented container includes:

PHASE I — IDENTITY ANALYSIS — Dig into your brand's DNA—who you are, why you do what you do, who you absolutely love to do it with, where you come from and where you're going, and how you want to keep doing it. 

PHASE II — DEVELOPMENT — Build an original brand identity around your long-term vision, define (or refine) your unique voice, and position your brand with an integrity that honors both your capacity and your people.

PHASE III — LANGUAGE — Mine your favorite testimonials for the words your people love to hear, and create a deep brand theme that is a perfect meeting of your deepest heart and the needs you can meet for your clients.

PHASE IV — STRATEGY — Learn how to infuse your identity into your content, offers, and marketing, educate team members and partners about your brand, and pinpoint the connection tools that work for you. 

Be your own original. We will leave behind irrelevant, inauthentic templates and “filler" content and define YOUR direction so that you can passionately engage your people. You'll not only stand out in your industry, you'll also be setting your own rules for how you're doing it. No more wondering "what everybody else would do." No more comparing your brand to your inspiration. You'll finally recognize yourself in your client connection.

Articulate your passion. You're not here to breathe anyone else's fire. There is room for your ideas, your excitement, and your way of doing things. We'll find (or create) words to say what you feel, share what you've always wanted to share, and communicate with the people who are just waiting to respond to you and what you are bringing to life for them.

Experience passionate, non-competitive, concierge-level support. There is room for YOU in your brand, no matter what you've been told. We'll create room for you to pay attention to your needs, include pieces you might have thought you had to leave behind, and offer an extra boost of energy to pursue the iteration of your brand identity that leaves you AND your people feeling seen and understood.

1 payment of $4,800
4 payments of $1,200


First Date (Be)

4 months of 1:1 conversation, identity creation, and connection strategy for the woman who is ready to feel seen, heard, and understood—even in her business. There's room for YOU in this love story of yours.


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