Meet Kellē

I'm a multi-passionate  co-creator & brand developer who is very interested in love stories.

I turn marketing into love letters, flirt with creativity, and free up passion for humans who just. can't. get. enough. Language is my love language—and not just words. I'm fluent in colors, design, energy, flow, intuition, emotion, and how it all works to create connection, conversation, and real communication between my clients and their people.

Slow mornings,
strong tea (with cream), rose-gold light,
 you being you,
 and shoes I don't wear.

Slow mornings,
strong tea (with cream), rose-gold light, you being you, and shoes I don't wear.

I live in a Charleston house in San Francisco's Bay Area, making a life with my attorney husband, Pete, three kids, and a few too many cats (who think they're people too). I keep a daily journal, play with brand development for creative entrepreneurs, and aspire to bi-coastal living, because I'll probably always be an East Coast girl at heart.

Things I dream about

This romantic energy on the daily

a Roman holiday

a vow renewal in this dream dress

handwritten letters

self-portraits this approachable

"The magic is for me."

ways to meet me:

+  in your favorite city
+  with your lover
+  at the best restaurant in town
+  in your favorite shoes
+  in that dress
+  at your dream elopement
+  invite me to your coffee stop
+  share your safe place
+  plan a wine tasting
+  hang out on IG
+  explore a castle
+  travel in Europe
+  cooking together
+  doing your thing

Just ask me. I'd love to connect.


Use the form below to get in touch or email me directly via with your dream project/partnership idea. Tell me what you love and how you love it. I'm here for it.

Thank you!