3 months of calls & connection to curate your portfolio, develop your voice, and inspire the art you've been seeing in your soul, with an invitatoin to spend a day, two styled shoots, and a dinner with me and 3 other women artists in Charleston, SC.

This offer has been sooo many years in coming.

The clue was in the name, I suppose—“se faire” means “to become.” 

I think I've known for a long time that I am not a workshop person—there are too many things happening at a traditional workshop, both inside me and in so many others around me—but when people I really loved began asking to come along on shoots with me, I knew that I was going to need to find a way to open space to art with other artists in the room. 

It’s not a workshop, or a retreat, per se. I’ve called it a “mastermind,” because my understanding of that word means “a sharing of opportunity, knowledge, and growth in a space where everyone has a chance to speak.”

It looks like it’s about photography, but it’s really about being. About handling beauty in front of you, and nurturing beauty in yourself. It’s about how to bring your internal world into your external world in whatever medium you choose, and how to articulate the passion your soul is always speaking to you.

It’s about a little. more. time. to say words that go beyond those teary smiles of understanding, and a little. more. space. to ask the questions you can’t think of under pressure.

It’s about experimenting and playing and trying things and figuring out your “failures” aren’t failures at all, but part of the artistic voice that is only yours, and that the people who are looking for you are so desperately hoping to hear you use. 

It’s about courage and conversation and celebration and connection that doesn’t end after an hour or a day or even a week.

It’s about becoming—what you mean to become, what you’ve always known you are inside.

This space is the tenderest thing I may ever make—for you, for me, for a few of us together, for a while, for as long as our artist journey is meant to be together.

a mastermind overview

Intimate Connection

So you feel like you can breathe -- and stay connected

My Favorite Day

Sharing what I know, not what I'm dreaming about

My Favorite City

Let's explore non-tourist things and really feel our way through

A Tribe of Your Own

Meet other kindred spirits in a non-competitive atmosphere

Portfolio Magic

My creative direction and styling + your photography

Ongoing support

It doesn't end in a day; we'll be talking for AT LEAST 3 months



What's included

LOCATION: Your Home + Charleston S.C., USA
PRICE: one payment of $2100 or three payments of $700

Two styled shoots (with 1:1 photographer interaction & portfolio shots)
Brunch/lunch after our first shoot
Transportation for the day
An intimate, elegant dinner in one of my favorite spots (venue to be announced)
3 months of calls, connection, and conversation beyond our day together
An agreed-upon online space to brainstorm, share, and create together

BONUS: a FREE 1:1 call to meet with you before we meet in Charleston

Only FOUR participants.

I'm not going to stuff a room full of people so that I get paid more. This isn't about the money; this is about freeing you to make art you might feel like you can't make alone. I want to get to know you, and open up a space for you to make a few longer-term artist friends, find some real support that will go far beyond our day together, and experience some beautiful shoots—without feeling like you have to fight for the pictures you want to make.

Three months' post-mastermind connection

This isn't just a one-and-done mastermind. We'll meet once a month after our live time together to go over all things photography-related: voice and branding, color and editing questions, my favorite presets and delivery tools, culling and curation, client connections and package-building, art and business strategies, and giving your soul so much room to breathe that you'll never have to burn out because you'll KNOW how to do what you really love.


BONUS: FREE 1:1 Call with Kellē (value $875)

One Payment

ONE day w/ Kellē in Charleston, S.C.

TWO styled portfolio shoots

THREE MONTHS group connection

ONE elegant Charleston dinner

One payment of $2100 USD

save $250!

Three Payments

ONE day w/ Kellē in Charleston, S.C.

TWO styled portfolio shoots

THREE MONTHS group connection

ONE elegant Charleston dinner

3 payments of $700 USD

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Use the form below to get in touch or email me directly via info@bykellesauer.com . Tell me what you love and how you love it. I'm here for it.

Thank you!