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C'est Mon Feu

Kellē ("Kell-ee") Sauer was born in upstate New York to a mother who had known poverty and a father with a movable job. Her earliest memories come to her in pictures – snippets of real life recomposed into snapshots never captured. She remembers lamplight, fire and sunsets she couldn’t draw, rose-gold light spilled over crystal snow. She couldn't hold these memories outside of her imagination until her thirteenth Christmas, when she was given a little blue 35mm camera.

Her first photo captured a frost that iced the fence around her family’s Illinois farmhouse. 

we have no choice, so we do it. [
- joan didion ]



Shaped by her nomadic childhood, Kellē has sorted her life by the familiar, imagining and reimagining her identity in each new home. She learned to find the old in the new and make memories where she had none, traveling the whole world in her own backyard, creating space for her old soul to breathe. 

An entirely self-taught artist, she grounds her dramatic vision in her grandmother’s organic European aesthetic, drawing inspiration for her original work from high fashion imagery and 18th Century art. 

For me it will always be this way, walking in the light...  -story people



C'est Mon Feu is based in California's San Francisco Bay area, and provides art licensing and commissions for private collectors, as well as maintaining copyright for Kellē Sauer's photography.

Kellē lives in a Charleston house in California's San Francisco Bay Area, making a life with her attorney husband, three children, two dogs, and three cats who think they're people too. She drinks Italian-style cappuccinos and green tea (the jasmine kind), attempts a daily journal, and has discovered - perhaps a little unwillingly - that travel might be her favorite thing.

I'll... sigh at how beautiful it all looks. [- A. Winehouse]