YOu are a love story

Kellē Sauer

You are defiantly, resolutely, irretrievably YOU.

You are choosing your life, creating your own universe, passing up others’ expectations in order to do what you love, and surrounding yourself with what inspires you the most.  You know that WHEN EVERYTHING IS A LOVE STORY, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. There is not a template, system or method for falling in love. Passion gives us a million ways to be in the world, and the only nonnegotiable is that we show up as ourselves.

And I'm Kellē.

I've spent over 15 years working on love stories for people like you, focusing on photography, branding, writing, editing, content production, and even behind-the-scenes coaching—anything to get that passion of yours out into the world where we both know it belongs.

I am so very glad you're here (and I am looking forward to meeting you, because I have this feeling something beautiful is going to happen if we get together).

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Your passion is my passion.

I believe that luxury is getting out of bed in the morning to do something you love, and whether I'm hanging out behind my camera with my people, editing away at emails and web copy for businesses, or deep-diving 1:1 into your passion on a Zoom session, I am always working on ideas and strategies to make a big deal about you and what you love. 


Use the form below to get in touch or email me directly via with your dream project/partnership idea. Tell me what you love and how you love it. I'm here for it.

When there's another flame in the room,

the light brightens.

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